Metals - Our products are made with premium titanium and alloy metals that are very strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and hypoallergenic. 
Horn - A material that's as beautiful inside as it is outside, it's lighter than plastic, hypoallergenic and gains in sheen as it ages. Now two horns are alike.
Acetate - The most popular plastic used for sunglasses frames; also called Zylonite, Zyl or cellulose acetate. 
Wood - An ecologically friendly product, it's light, feels comfortable on the skin and its warm tones flatter any complexion. Bamboo is in this season. 

UV 400 - Cabana Sunglasses lenses are UV400 protective and block 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. 
Gradient Lens - Tint is darkest at top and fades towards the bottom of the lens. These are convenient for skiing when the snow and sky are the brightest things and directly forward is the darkest. Additionally this lens is useful for aviators while in the cockpit of an aircraft.
Mirror Lens - The aim of a mirrored lens is to reflect light away from the lens and prevent the eyes from being seen. Poker players sometimes wear mirrored lenses because this can prevent opponents seeing the eyes which tends to be crucial in the difference between winning and losing.